About Me

Meet Allison

Welcome to my website blog.  This is a personal project for me with several goals in mind.  As a Methodist minister, former chaplain, and lover of the written word, I’ve had a desire for over 10 years to actually write something other than the weekly sermon or news article.  But then, it seems to me that so many books about faith and personal improvement are based on a trendy idea or a limited philosophy.  Wanting to avoid that pitfall, I simply decided to write about what seems essentially important about every day life for the faithful, yet flawed, individual, like myself!  Please be aware that anything I write, comes from the basic premise that I’m speaking to myself! Any worry, any challenge, any embarrassment that comes with being human is on limits with this blog and probably applies to me in spades!!! So we can travel and struggle and learn together.

The other focus, in addition to stretching my writing wings, is the development of a Bible study community, both through the internet and in real life.  The Bread for the Soul Bible study is one of my great enjoyments in life.  This group of young professionals meets with me each Wednesday.  Together, we study the essential Christian beliefs. Perhaps more importantly, we focus heavily on WHY IT MATTERS WHAT WE BELIEVE. This Bible study is mean to build a bridge between  theology and every day living.  Our society would have us believe that religious discussions are a purely academic exercise.  In reality, religion is the congregation of people striving together to bring their actions, beliefs, and religious practices in line with one another. We are what we believe.

Much of this blog is dedicated to the curriculum of the Bread for the Soul Bible Study,  yet is built to be an interactive opportunity.  Prayer concerns, links to other pertinent or necessary sites, the ability to email me with questions and concerns are a few things available to you.

Please know, that this blog and my website are a reflection of me and my views.  I encourage you to explore my background, experience, and information.  This may be helpful in understand to views I express and the topics provided on the website.

We are all in a constant progression of growing in faith.  Tackling faith and the tough issues of life is not sustainable in solitary fashion.  I hope that in all that you do, you seek mentors, Christian community, worship and professional which can add information and helpful advice.  God gives us the gift of each other.  It’s a constantly renewable resource, human love and caring.

Bless you,