Weekly Bible Study: Pastor's Bible Study at Bascom United Methodist Church, Wednesday Nights at 5:30 pm on Bascom Road, Tyler, TX



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Join us for our weekly Bible study!

Each week on Wednesday night at 5:30 pm, come to Bascom United Methodist Church for a lively pastor's Bible Study lead by Dr. Allison Thompson.  The group meets in the fellowship hall. Treats are abundant and it's only an hour out of your life!

Bascom United Methodist Church is easy to reach and easy to find.  Take the spur that runs by UT Tyler.  Drive to Bascom Rd. At a four way stop, turn right.  In one mile, the church will be at the top of the hill on your left.

All are welcome!

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Read, pray, and reflect on a compilation of prayers

Pastoral prayers have been compiled in hopes that each might reach you and speak to what's happening in your daily life.

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Prayer requests

For those mourning a loss.

For the encouragement of those who have recently had a death in their family, that they may feel the strong presence of God’s Spirit lifting them in their saddest hours this season.

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For Senseless Tragedies

Almighty and loving God, we know that the scriptures tell us that you stop at nothing in order to love and care for us.  You did not withhold your own son, but gave him up as a ransom for all!  We cannot even begin to fathom your love and sacrifice for us.  Yet we also cannot comprehend tragedy in its many forms.  We don't understand why some people sail through life on a breeze and others hit terrible and catastrophic road blocks.

In our own small worlds, we have similar (albeit less dramatic) tragedy.  Young people get diagnosed with cancer or chronic and severe illnesses, car accidents swipe people away from our lives, mothers die leaving behind children, leaders and paragons of faith in our community fall ill.  Lord, it seems as if too often the good fall prey and the evil are unscathed.

Because we cannot fully understand the ways in which you work all things for good, we default to an angry attitude.  We think we are making our point with you when we stop praying or going to church.  But we know that all we are doing is punishing ourselves, and in fact, making it more difficult for your Spirit to enter our lives and heal us.

Where there is confusion, give us peace and just the right kind of understanding, where there is tragedy, remind us of eternity, where there is heartache, fill us with your love, and when we are angry, help us to turn to you.  Amen

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For those fighting illness.

For the many victims of the flu, significant colds, pneumonia this season, and a protective hand on those who are immune suppressed, dealing with chronic illnesses, and battling cancer.

We Give Gratitude

For the many charitable entities and religious institutions who work tirelessly on behalf of the underserved, the impoverished, the addicted, the depressed and lonely, the ill, the elderly, the young and helpless, the hungry, the cold, the abused….

Many nameless individuals poor their time and their money into personally loving, helping and providing for the many in need.  They do so because they know that God loves and values each individual, especially the oppressed. God we thank you for these heroes in our community.

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